Quick Trip May 14, 2016 - 70cm EME Wyoming DN44lw

I found a place just 80 miles from my house in Montana where Route 191 dips into Wyoming, there is even a quiet trailhead with ample parking a 1/4 mile back off the road. As a bonus this is Yellowstone Park.

So Joyce and I took the RV and camped nearby to give 70cm EME a shot. Using  a single 9wl Yagi, 500 watts, and a Honda generator I worked the following folks during a single moon pass: WA4NJP (-18), OK1KIR (-17), HB9Q (-14), DK3WG (-16), DL7APV (-16), UA3PTW (-19), OK1DFC (-20), UT6UG (-20), LZ1DX (-16), G4RGK (-21), DL9KR (CW 559), UT5DL (-24), DL8GP (-29), UX5UL (-22), OH6UW (-27), K2UYH (-18), and DF3RU (-18 State #50).

Could this be the first EME operating from Yellowstone Park?

Simple, quick EME setup.
Folks were there waiting for my first CQ!

That's DL9KR's awesome CW signal going down the screen.