South Dakota (DN85vs) - 2 Meter EME Session 4

Degradation was pushing 4.5 dB today and the moon skimmed my trees longer today so it was a tussle to work folks. I did work OE3NFC (-26), SP2FH (-26), and W2HRO (-20). This bumped the 2 Meter EME total for this trip up to 111 contacts. Tomorrow we'll tow the 500 miles home.

All the gear held up nicely and worked as it should.

A last look at some of the topography of the northwestern corner South Dakota.

South Dakota (DN85vs) - 2 Meter EME Session 3

June 14, 2016
I managed a "bonus round" of 2 meter EME today. Joyce and I arrived at Shadehill State Park mid-afternoon and found that our camping spot offered some EME opportunity. The increase degradation and tree line to the east presented a challenge, but who could pass up mains power.

Once I could elevate above the trees I started working 4x Yagi stations. In three hours I added the following folks to the log to bring the 2 meter total to 108 contacts: DK3BU (-19), PA0JVM (-22), G4SWX (-23), YU7AA (-18), DK9WI (-21), W5UN (-20), LZ4OC (-24), SV6KRW (-22), N8GTI (-27) and CX2SC (-28).

By the way Hugh Glass, mountain man, was mauled by a grizzly bear in this area in 1823. Check it out Here.

Swapping out the pre-amp is part of changing bands on EME. Nice trees!

South Dakota (DN85gu) - 70cm EME Session 2

June 12, 2016
A much better day on 70cm. I replaced the 2x Yagis vertically polarized  with a single 9wl Yagi horizontal. The lonesome Yagi, 500 watts, FT-991 and a fine, new K4EME .24 db NF preamp produced 14 contacts including a few four Yagi stations.

The moon actually  came up about 10 minutes before the time I had published, I called an early CQ and WA4NJP (-28) came right back even though I was still aiming thru a pine tree to nab his State #48. I was off to the races. Other stations worked: OK1DFC (-17) for State #46, OK1KIR (-21), UX5UL (-26), K2UYH (-23), UT5DL (-24), UR7DWW (-24), UT6UG (-25), DL9KR (CW 559) Q5 the whole QSO, US7GY (-28), DL8GP (-24), PA2V (-21), DL5FN (-17), and OH6UW (-28).

Making 19 total 70cm EME QSOs and nudging a few folks closer to W.A.S. made it quite worthwhile to bring the gear along.

I'll need to get a non-metalic cross-boom and revisit the 2x Yagi configuration going horizontal next trip.

PA2V four Yagis sure play! An easy QSO.

Only 12 feet of LMR-400 coaxial cable to the new pre-amp.

Sourth Dakota (DN85gu) - 2M EME Session 2

June 11, 2016
Conditions today featured very fast Faraday rotation at my moon rise and lots of Faraday lockup later in the session. Variety is always good! But I still managed 35 additional stations for a grand total of 98 contacts on 2 meters in two days. Outstanding - especially for two 9 element Yagis, 750 watts, and a pretty basic aiming system! Thanks for chasing me.

Folks did figure out I work the edges when five stations are on top of each other from - 100 Hz to +100 Hz. I found SM7GVF up around +700 Hz easily and worked DK9ZY first call down at -750 Hz from my center frequency while running today. Don't doubt how well dxpeditions see from these extremely quiet locations. I keep notes of who is where and try my best to get to everybody before Faraday shifts, but of course each QSO takes four minutes on JT65b and things changed fast today.

I packed up and beat a major weather front back to the trailer just before the driving rain and lightning hit. A tornado did touch down 50 miles to the west. This front will put an end to the heat wave.

Today's stations: DK5YA (-24), DK3WG (-27), DK9ZY (-26), UX5UL (-24), OZ1LPR (-19), SM7GVF (-25), DL7FF (-20), HA8CE (-24), UA4AQL (-19), UT6UG (-19), OH6UW (-23), PE1DAB (-23), K7MAC (-23), PG2M (-21), PA3FYC (-24), OH6ZZ (-23), KB8RQ (-11), GM6VXB (-20), W1PV (-20 State #46), YU7XL (-22), DJ9MG (-25), K5QE (-17), F5LNU (-19), WA7XX (-20), W5ZN (-15), DL8II (-20), N7NW (-17), DL1KDA (-26), DJ3VI (-23), DL4KUG (-27), DG0KW (-26), DK5LA (-15), DJ2TX (-25), KC2HFQ (-27), and N7SC (-26).

Part of the fun of these trips is finding unique places to visit.

South Dakota (DN85gu) - 2M EME Session 1

June 10,2016
Today was a big day on 2 meters, I worked 63 stations. A times signals were exceptional and I had to urge folks to spread out more. I watched the edges like a hawk and made a point to work the weaker stations I found out there. I see from -1000 to + 1000 Hz.

My view of the pile-up. It is superb being miles away from man-made QRN.

Stations worked: I2FAK (-18), EA2AGZ (-23), RK3FG (-17), ZS4TX (-28), ES6RQ (-22), PE1L (-22), DM2BHG (-26), PA0JMV (-25), OK1RD (-15), RU1AA (-21), DF2ZC (-23), ZS5LEE (-24), LZ2FO (-26), RX3A (-21), F6HVK (-20), S52LM (-20), SM2BYC (-20), PA5Y (-22), UA3PTW (-15), RX1AS (-18), ZS6OB (-20), UA1MC (-25), DL8GP (-26), W2HRO (-22), G4CDN (-19), W8PAT (-27), PA1BVM (-22), F1DUZ (-22), ON4KHG (-26), DL8FDB (-24), I3MEK (-23), EA8DBM (-21), LA8KV (-26), DK5SO (-20), IZ3KGJ (-23), DL1RNW (-24), RW1AY (-19), IW4ARD (-19), SM7FMX (-26), SM5DIC (-20), S53K (-21), SK5AA (-20), DK4RC (-15), DL8YHR (-21), DL9MS (-19), SM5CUI (-23), OH4LA (-28), EA4CYQ (-19), VE1KG (-27), HA6NQ (-29), K5DOG (-25), EA1YV (-28), W5ZN (-16), KB0PPQ (-26), G6PHH (-26), K1SCE (-26), N1DNN (-21), K3JYD (-25), N4QWZ (-27), K5WBM (-20), K5LA (-18), JR3REX (-25), and K9MRI (-23).

A special thanks to Rene, PE1L for putting me on to an app for my cellphone to make the chat work much better.

Lone Tree Road into the operating site.
Two Yagis, two generators, one sun shade.

South Dakota (DN85gu) - 70cm Session 1

June 9, 2016
Well Faraday "non-rotation" seemed to rule the day. I worked five stations and worked too hard for each one. I suspect using vertical polarization is not a good idea - basically the two Yagi system didn't play well at all today. Logged: UA3PTW (-23), DL7APV (-18), DL9KR (CW 439), DK3WG (-24), and UT6UG (-22). It was great fun chasing DL9KR on CW, many times he was Q5 copy.

It was quite hot at the operating site 36 degrees C, but a really pretty location.

Time for a non-metalic boom and horizontal polarization.
The view 50 meters from the operating position, a nice place to play ham radio.