Sourth Dakota (DN85gu) - 2M EME Session 2

June 11, 2016
Conditions today featured very fast Faraday rotation at my moon rise and lots of Faraday lockup later in the session. Variety is always good! But I still managed 35 additional stations for a grand total of 98 contacts on 2 meters in two days. Outstanding - especially for two 9 element Yagis, 750 watts, and a pretty basic aiming system! Thanks for chasing me.

Folks did figure out I work the edges when five stations are on top of each other from - 100 Hz to +100 Hz. I found SM7GVF up around +700 Hz easily and worked DK9ZY first call down at -750 Hz from my center frequency while running today. Don't doubt how well dxpeditions see from these extremely quiet locations. I keep notes of who is where and try my best to get to everybody before Faraday shifts, but of course each QSO takes four minutes on JT65b and things changed fast today.

I packed up and beat a major weather front back to the trailer just before the driving rain and lightning hit. A tornado did touch down 50 miles to the west. This front will put an end to the heat wave.

Today's stations: DK5YA (-24), DK3WG (-27), DK9ZY (-26), UX5UL (-24), OZ1LPR (-19), SM7GVF (-25), DL7FF (-20), HA8CE (-24), UA4AQL (-19), UT6UG (-19), OH6UW (-23), PE1DAB (-23), K7MAC (-23), PG2M (-21), PA3FYC (-24), OH6ZZ (-23), KB8RQ (-11), GM6VXB (-20), W1PV (-20 State #46), YU7XL (-22), DJ9MG (-25), K5QE (-17), F5LNU (-19), WA7XX (-20), W5ZN (-15), DL8II (-20), N7NW (-17), DL1KDA (-26), DJ3VI (-23), DL4KUG (-27), DG0KW (-26), DK5LA (-15), DJ2TX (-25), KC2HFQ (-27), and N7SC (-26).

Part of the fun of these trips is finding unique places to visit.