QRT - For this trip

We'll head for home in Bozeman tomorrow, but the last month was fun - even if this wasn't one of the best Es seasons. Our travels took us to some wonderful spots. All the contacts should be up on LoTW now and I'll get any paper QSL requests done as soon as I grab my mail.

I packed up and bailed off of Sula Peak this afternoon just before the front hit. We had 45 mph winds here at the RV Park when I got back. The band had been flat for the last 3 hours up there.

A last look at the Bitteroot Range, as the clouds started arriving.

DN25/DN35 - The sequel

Good meteors this morning. Worked: K6EU, KU7Z, W9JN (1180 miles), W7OUU, KB7ME, KA9FOX (1132 miles), N7EA, VA7SW, KC7I, VE6CPP, VE7DAY, and W7ID.

Nice quick double hop opening on CW worked: N3LL, W4AS, N4ZQ, and K4NNX so far.

Windy and hot so we'll see how long I last.

Even hooked everything up right this morning the first time.
W9JN's 14 db ping, not bad for 1180+ miles.

Two pings from KA9FOX, 1132 miles. 9 and 14 db.


It was a good day up at the Sula Peak fire lookout on the DN25/DN35 grid line, but it was hot even being at 6,400'.

I worked about 50 stations as far east as W4, south to XE2, and places in between. I felt like I was just on the edge of the action all days long and only my high and clear position allowed me to hook into the skip.  Best DX: XE2OR, XE2S, NN4R (AL), K4PI (GA), K4YMQ (AL), and a 750 mile meteor scatter contact with ND0B in the afternoon - not the best time to expect that result.

I'll give it another shot tomorrow, starting at 1300z for some meteor scatter work.

Another look, and the storm that missed the peak.

DN25/DN35 grid line we're here

Looking west, the Bitteroot River just shining way down below.
Looking east.
Right smack on the DN25/DN35 line.

The "shack".

DN25xu - Tomorrow and Monday

Tomorrow we'll give DN25xu a shot from the top of Sula Peak. I should be on the air by 1900z. I'll go back up Monday morning for some meteor scatter actions with FSK441 also and stay as long as I can. I will have Internet access I just found out.

CW 50.099 Mhz moving to SSB up band  if I get a decent opening
ISCAT 50.260 MHz moving to 50.250 MHz when spotted
FSK441 CQ D10 50.260 MHz.

A bit of luck would be nice too.

Missoula, Montana

We're in Jim & Mary's RV Park in Missoula seeing friends and taking a break from all that white noise on 6 meters. We spent a total of five days in DN28 and worked 6 folks. Grr.
Even in B+W DN28 is quite the place for camping, fishing, and someday 6M!
 Anyhow - taking an RF break and then we'll see if we can get to the lookout on the top of Sula Peak Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning for DN25. If there is interest I can hang around and add more time.

A teaser photo from K7VK, this is what Sula Peak looks like on the DN25/DN35 line.


We're still in DN28 looking for Es. The single hop opening to NM/AZ/CA was one grid short of making it up here a few days back, so W7GJ got to take up the slack. We moved yesterday about 25 miles south and found a great Forest Service campground on Lake Koocanusa (Co-Canada/USA get it?). This is a great place to hunker down and stay out of the way of the holiday, so we'll be here for the next three days. The price is right too; $4.50 a night with my Golden Age Card.

No Internet here, but it's only a 25 miles run back up to Eureka, the Subway Sandwich shop, and Cyberspace.

The antenna is up, the gear assembled and we're scanning. Here are a few picture that share a feeling for Rocky Gorge Campground with you.

Lake Koocanusa

You can always do wheel bearings on the homemade RV.

Another look at the lake.