We're still in DN28 looking for Es. The single hop opening to NM/AZ/CA was one grid short of making it up here a few days back, so W7GJ got to take up the slack. We moved yesterday about 25 miles south and found a great Forest Service campground on Lake Koocanusa (Co-Canada/USA get it?). This is a great place to hunker down and stay out of the way of the holiday, so we'll be here for the next three days. The price is right too; $4.50 a night with my Golden Age Card.

No Internet here, but it's only a 25 miles run back up to Eureka, the Subway Sandwich shop, and Cyberspace.

The antenna is up, the gear assembled and we're scanning. Here are a few picture that share a feeling for Rocky Gorge Campground with you.

Lake Koocanusa

You can always do wheel bearings on the homemade RV.

Another look at the lake.