South Dakota (DN85vs) - 2 Meter EME Session 3

June 14, 2016
I managed a "bonus round" of 2 meter EME today. Joyce and I arrived at Shadehill State Park mid-afternoon and found that our camping spot offered some EME opportunity. The increase degradation and tree line to the east presented a challenge, but who could pass up mains power.

Once I could elevate above the trees I started working 4x Yagi stations. In three hours I added the following folks to the log to bring the 2 meter total to 108 contacts: DK3BU (-19), PA0JVM (-22), G4SWX (-23), YU7AA (-18), DK9WI (-21), W5UN (-20), LZ4OC (-24), SV6KRW (-22), N8GTI (-27) and CX2SC (-28).

By the way Hugh Glass, mountain man, was mauled by a grizzly bear in this area in 1823. Check it out Here.

Swapping out the pre-amp is part of changing bands on EME. Nice trees!