South Dakota (DN85gu) - 70cm Session 1

June 9, 2016
Well Faraday "non-rotation" seemed to rule the day. I worked five stations and worked too hard for each one. I suspect using vertical polarization is not a good idea - basically the two Yagi system didn't play well at all today. Logged: UA3PTW (-23), DL7APV (-18), DL9KR (CW 439), DK3WG (-24), and UT6UG (-22). It was great fun chasing DL9KR on CW, many times he was Q5 copy.

It was quite hot at the operating site 36 degrees C, but a really pretty location.

Time for a non-metalic boom and horizontal polarization.
The view 50 meters from the operating position, a nice place to play ham radio.