South Dakota (DN85gu) - 70cm EME Session 2

June 12, 2016
A much better day on 70cm. I replaced the 2x Yagis vertically polarized  with a single 9wl Yagi horizontal. The lonesome Yagi, 500 watts, FT-991 and a fine, new K4EME .24 db NF preamp produced 14 contacts including a few four Yagi stations.

The moon actually  came up about 10 minutes before the time I had published, I called an early CQ and WA4NJP (-28) came right back even though I was still aiming thru a pine tree to nab his State #48. I was off to the races. Other stations worked: OK1DFC (-17) for State #46, OK1KIR (-21), UX5UL (-26), K2UYH (-23), UT5DL (-24), UR7DWW (-24), UT6UG (-25), DL9KR (CW 559) Q5 the whole QSO, US7GY (-28), DL8GP (-24), PA2V (-21), DL5FN (-17), and OH6UW (-28).

Making 19 total 70cm EME QSOs and nudging a few folks closer to W.A.S. made it quite worthwhile to bring the gear along.

I'll need to get a non-metalic cross-boom and revisit the 2x Yagi configuration going horizontal next trip.

PA2V four Yagis sure play! An easy QSO.

Only 12 feet of LMR-400 coaxial cable to the new pre-amp.