Wyoming 70CM EME Afternoon (DN44lw)

 May 19, 2021

    Word on the street was that Peter, G3LTF needed Wyoming on 70cm CW EME for State #49. Who doesn't like a challenge? I threw the gear into the truck, headed south, and spent a lovely spring afternoon working all I could hear on "Charlie Whiskey" from my favorite Yellowstone Park spot. Logged: G3LTF (419), DL7APV (529), DL9KR (529), OH2DG (429), SM2CEW (419), DG5CST (529), UA3PTW (419), KL6M (419).

    KL6M made a neat recording of my CW signal with his 30 foot (9.2M) dish. Click here.

    Switching to JT656b added ON4AOI (-18), W2HRO (-20), DL8FBD (-22). Not a bad outing for a single 9wl Yagi and 500 watts.

Spring time in the Rockies. 9wl Yagi and 500 watts

Looking down has its rewards too.