Gearing Up

Joyce and I are gearing up for another trot around Montana with the trailer putting grids on. I left the blog entries for the last trip (2012) as a reference. This will be a longer time out and about. This summer I'll add 2 Meter capability and head up to Saskatchewan for a visit to keep it interesting. Later we'll slowly head to the cooler mountains of western Montana. It is hard to tell exactly what grid I'll be in more then two weeks out, but I will keep things up-to-date here so you're in the loop.
Home right after the Perseids. I'm thinking it would be fun to do the Perseids from Beartooth Pass in DN54 Wyoming.

Lost of gear to get working together and herd into the trailer. If you need a grid on 6 or 2 meters in Montana be sure to let me know.