Wyoming 2M EME Quick Trip June 8, 2019

Date/Time: June 8, 2018 1800z start Weather Delay, now Sunday,  JUNE 9, 2019 @ 1915z
DN44lw, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Frequency Change: 144.139 MHz
+_ QRM/Birdies KB7Q always first JT65b
2x 9el. Yagis, 800 watts, K3S w/transverter, excellent pre-amp, Honda generator
No Internet

Scenery on the way to DN44. Those are the Spanish Peaks near Big Sky, Montana.
OK1TEH is on the verge of completing his 2 Meter Worked All States award with his single Yagi station, so I'm going to Wyoming to see if we can complete for State # 50. Of course I'll work all callers while I'm there.

I gave it my all, but OK1TEH had relentless QRM from OK2DE who would not help the cause by moving more then a kHz away or changing sequence. We did not complete. Grrr! As I had no Internet I had no way to know I should flip sequences. I copied OK1TEH well many, many times times.

I did use my time in the field to wean myself off WSJT 10, and commit to using WSJT-X ver 2.0.1, I set my TX audio to 1271 Hz and carried on. I also got to break-in a new, very fast laptop computer with a solid state hard drive. Both changes worked well. 

I did work several callers: RX1AS (-13), ON4GG (-14), UT5ZN/P (-16), DK5YA (-13), VE6XH (-19), S51ZO (-20), K2TXB (-21), VE1KG (-19), S56P (-17), W5ADD (-25), ON4IQ (-13), ES3RF (-27), PA9RX (-18), S57M (-24), K2ZJ (-23), W8TN (-25), EA8DBM (-29), ON4KHG (-13).

June 10 - Back to Wyoming for another try with OK1TEH. No joy, Matej had a big thunderstorm with hail roll through during our moon time so he couldn't decode me sending "OOO". We will try again in July! I did work UA3PTW (-22), G4SWX (-20), PA2FYC (-23),  ES6RQ (-26), F8DO (-23), IK4WLV (-17).

Bad weather at OK1TEH's QTH, much thunder, lightning, and hail.