Wyoming (DN44lw) 2M EME Quick Trip July 2, 2016

All went pretty well this morning, signals were outstanding the whole six hours. I was a bit late out of the gate and was running less power then usual as I only had the use of one generator today. At 7,500 feet MSL the Honda generator is not making nearly as much horse power as at sea level, so I was down a full db on transmit. I couldn't get my GPS to time sync the computer so I had to do a crude manual time "hack" to get close. No worries - I called one CQ and there you all were!

 57 folks were logged from Yellowstone Park, Wyoming this morning. OH6LA gets the prize for tenacity, I probably called him 10x before we worked. I even managed to drop down a few kilohertz and work 6Y5AZ for a new country. It was also extra special to give Lothar, DK4TG, and Martin, OK1UGA their last State for the 2M W.A.S. award. How cool is that!?

I can't say enough good things about the new pre-amp WD5AGO built up for me. 

 I2FAK (-21), PA3FPQ (-18), ZS4TX (-19), PA3CMC (-26), SM7GVF (-16), PA5Y (-22), DF2ZC (-27), RK3FG (-14), DK3WG (-18), PA0JMV (-18), RX1AS (16), EA2AGZ (-17), G4SWX (-21), RU1AA (-18), K9MRI (-25), S52LM (-20), DL8FBD (-20), OZ1LPR (-15), PE1L (-22), SM5CFS (-15), PA3FYC (-21), W2HRO (-21), I3MEK (-13), LA8KV (-19), DJ3VI (-22), HA6NQ (-18), DK5SO (-14), OK1UGA (-18 State #50), ES6RQ (-15), HB9Q (-14), SM2BYC (-17), F8DO (-19), DL8GP (-16), F1AFJ (-19), YU7XL (-25), SM5CUI (-23), DL4KUG (-26), DL7FF (-26), F5AQX (-23), DJ9MG (-25), OH2BYJ (-25), ON4KHG (-26), DK4TG (-24 State #50), F5LNU (-23), OH4LA (-22), DL8SCQ (-22), 6Y5AZ (-24), K5DOG (-25), N7SC (-17), KK6FAH (-21), F6APE (-22), AH6LE (-21), K1SCE (-23), KC2HFQ (-20), KB0PPQ (-21), AB1NJ (-19), and PY2GN (-23).

The new WD5AGO .25 db NF pre-amp really hears well..
Nice shady spot for the truck and not many folks around at the Big Horn Trailhead at sunrise.

Afternoon storms started rolling in and no response to my CQ's so time to pack up and get home.