Nevada (DN21) 2M EME - Moon Pass #1

October 15, 2016
It was a long and challenging day, but it all worked out pretty well. I towed the RV trailer the 400 miles down from Montana in pretty high winds and occasional rain. I arrived at Jackpot, Nevada right around noon. Given the rain and wind I decided to keep all the comforts of the RV at hand and set the EME array up right in the RV park that is attached to the Cactus Pete casino. I was lucky to find a spot on the south side with a clear horizon and a nice grassy spot for the Yagis.

I did have some addition RF noise at times, but the K3's noise blanker really helped. It appears I was +700 Hz off in frequency also - I'll correct that for the second moon pass tonight. It rained most of the night, but thankfully the SWR stayed low.

34 Stations were worked with several being a new State for folks. Stations logged: I2FAK (-26), UA3PTW (-15), RX3A (-20), OE3NFC (-20), ZS4TX (-23), EA4CYQ (-23), OZ1LPR (-19), UT5ZN/P (-19), EA8DBM (-23), PA1GYS (-25), RX1AS (-23), K9MRI (-22), RU3GX (-24), ES6RQ (-14), OH2LHE (-20), PA3DOL (-24), RU3GX (-20), DL8GP (-17), W2DBL (-25), HA6NQ (-22), N0KE (-25), SM7GVF (-17), DK5SO (-25), SM7FMX (-20), N7SC (-19), NJ2R (-26), PA2CHR (-17), AA7A (-18), W7MEM (-22), N4QWZ (-22), W2HRO (-21), KK6FAH (-20), and KL7UW (-19).

Another storm with high winds and rain is predicted for tonight during the second moon pass. I'll do my best.
Between storms in beautiful Jackpot, Nevada DN21.