Wyoming 6M EME Quick Trip

Date/Time: August 4, 2018 0630z start
Call: KB7Q
QTH: DN54fw, Beartooth Plateau, Wyoming
Frequency: 50.193 MHz MHz +_ QRM/Birdies KB7Q always first JT65a
Gear: 1x 5 element Yagi, 600 watts, K3S, Honda generator
Note: No Internet

A good look at the Beartooth Plateau.
Conditions were not great with very rapid QSB, and degradation was -4 db, but mission accomplished - both G8BCG (-24) and DL8YHR (-23) completed with me to finish their 6M W.A.S. In addition, I worked S59A (-20) and ZS4TX (-25). I heard and called both S57RR and ZS6NK several times, but no joy.

Not a bad result for a "pop gun" station. Thankfully I had excellent ground gain, and a ultra quiet location, and my "dance partners" were all big guns.

Sorting the gear above treeline, note the enhancements for grizzly bear protection.

What Peter, G8BCG saw as he completed W.A.S.
A DN54 denizen - yes, snow remains even in August.