Nevada 2M EME Trip DN21

Dates/Time: September 6, 2018 MR 0930z 
Call: KB7Q
QTH: DN21pw, Jackpot, Nevada
Frequency: 144.135 MHz +_ QRM/Birdies KB7Q always first JT65b
Gear: 2x 9el. Yagis, 900 watts, K3S w/ internal transverter, excellent pre-amp, Honda 2kw generator
Internet: Yes

A little night music in the Nevada sagebrush.  You can see the quarter moon.
Success! The prime directive on this trip was to work Thomas, DL1VPL. 50 minutes after moonrise we completed for his State #50. This is extra outstanding when you realize he achieved this award using 800 watts and a single 12 element Yagi from a suburban setting. Wow!

DL1VPL going into the log.

K8DIO also completed with me for his #50. Lloyd tells me it "only" took 50 years!

Despite really rapid and ever changing Faraday rotation I made some challenging contacts completing with OH3AWW when he had 0.9 degrees of moon left, and getting G4TRA into the log after about an hour of cat and mouse.

I made some station improvements that got tested out this trip. A new cross-boom that breaks down into smaller pieces for travel worked just fine, and re-jetting the generator's carburetor for altitude meant I had enough power to run the amp at 850 watts. I brought two 500 watt work lights for setting the array up in the middle of the night - it sure beats the heck out of using the truck's headlights. :-)

43 stations in the log: DL8FBD (-18), SM7GVF (-12), I3EVK (-15), I3MEK (-15), DK4RC (-23), DJ9MG (-27), S52LM (-19), DL1VPL (-20), ON4AOI (-16), EA2AGZ (-22), OH7PI (-16), G4DML (-18), K8DIO (-19), OH6UW (-25), ON4KHG (-19), DK4TG (-22), G4SWX (-17), W8KEN (-22), RX8XR (-22), DK5YA (-19), K9MRI (-17), UA4AQL (-21), W7JW (-22), ON7UC (-22), DM2BHG (-24), HA0DU (-23), W5ADD (-22), LZ2FO (-26), OH2BC (-17), SM5CUI (-19), W7MEM (-15), N4HB (-23), F6HVK (-20), S57A (-23), F1TTN (-26), N5TM (-27), SM6NOC (-20), DK5EW (-18), WA1NPZ (-15), K5LA (-16), SM2BYC (-28), OH3AWW (-26), G4TRA (-28). LoTW updated.