Wyoming - Fifth Moon Pass

June 10, 2015
Last operating session from Wyoming - great expectations as the degrdatation is quite low. A cold front with strong winds came through just before moon rise so I had to use ropes to tied the array onto the right heading. The wind quit after an hour or so. Signals were very strong, but I ran out of steady callers after two hours, then it was lots of CQ'ing and working some smaller stations which was neat. Plenty of SM and OH stations tonight too. 

I managed 113 EME QSOs on this trip, not too shabby for a small two Yagi system with fixed polarity and 900 watts.

In the log: SM5CUI (-23), UT5DL (-18), DK5LA (-16), PA3FPQ (-23), SM2BYC (-13), SM5DIC (-12), UR7DWW (-15), OE6IWG (-24), SM7FMX (-18), SK5AA (-16), YU7AA (-14), ZS1LS (-17), DL7FF (-20), OH3AWW (-18), OH2LHE (-22), UT5ZN/P (-20), SP4K (-18), DK5SO (-23), PA3CMC (-15), PA5MS (-18), OH7PI (-21), KB8RQ (-13), DD0VF (-26), W5ZN (-25), AE3T (-25), F1DUZ (-24), KC3OL (-27).