Wyoming - Third Moon Pass

Excellent conditions tonight - many very strong signals during the European window. I tried to work all eastern Europe stations I heard first because of their limited mutual time. Some QRM from stations on top of each other, but really sharp operators made it fun, fun, fun!

It was especially rewarding to make a contact with ZL1ADU later in the day, I knew someone was there, but it took about 10 minutes for his signal to peak.
 Stations logged: DK3BU (-18), OK1RD (-17), YO3DDZ (-11), HA6NQ (-16), OK1IL (-22), HA8CE (-18), I1ANP (-23), DL9MS (-11), YU7XL (-15), DF7KF (-12), ON4KHG (-22), HA0HO (-19), EA2AGZ (-16), PA2CHR (-15), EI4DQ (-20), HB9MEY (-25), G6PHH (-27), G4IDR (-22),
AD4TJ (-26), NJ2R (-23), N8PR (-26), W2DBL (-25), VE1KG (-20), ZL2ADU (-24)
That microHam Digi-Keyer II has a superb sound card, and the 2 port sequencer is a bonus.

Everybody in 650 Hz. :-)