Wyoming - Moon Pass #1

June 6, 2015
It was an easy 210 mile tow over with the trailer from Bozeman, MT to Big Horn NRA, WY. We got here early enough to get the second best camping spot for moonbounce i.e. on the south side of the campground with few neighbors. Later in the afternoon the "weekend warrior" campers piled in.
The station setup went flawlessly until I plugged in the 48 vdc power supply for the SSPA. Poof! Turns out the common and ground side of mains power here are wired strangely, and the power supply was trying to protect itself. Finally got that resolved.
Solid Internet access is 3 miles back up the road, which is actually good in a way. I'm not distracted when operating. :-)
We had occasional rain and lightning for hours last night so that combined with low declination made for some slow going. I ran out of callers quite early. The folks I did work all had excellent signals.
In the log with a Wyoming QSO: K9MRI (-25), DF2ZC (-21), W6BBS (-20), ON4AOI (-20), N5TM (-25), W7MEM (-23), and wonderfully loud EB5GP (-12).
I'll be QRV at 0700Z June 7th for more.
ON4POI made the most of limited common moon to Europe.
More thunderstorms in the forecast.
The shack, I brought a big screen computer this time.