Wyoming - Second Moon Pass

June 7, 2015
As soon as the moon cleared my 3.5 degree mountain range on moon rise at 0640z it was off to the races with European stations. I logged 13 stations in just over two hours of mutual moon. Best effort was working UX0FF during a very short window, now Nikolay only needs Iowa to complete W.A.S.

I saw nobody after the European window so back to bed for a few hours. Back up and calling CQ by 1130z and attracted some folks. It was really nice to work VK5APN easily on the other side of the world.

Stations logged: I2FAK (-20), UX0FF (-26), PA0JMV (-22), OZ1LPR (-19), PE1L (-20), I3MEK (-19), PE1DAB (-20), DL8GP (-24), DK3WG (-21), CT1HZE (-17), IK7EZN (-22), EB5EEO (-21), G4SWX (-18), W8PAT (-25), N7NW (-22), NC2V (-22), N0KE (-24), XE2AT (-26), VK5APN (-19), NT0V (-21), and N0LWF (-22), JP3EXR (-25).


This is dry country, we're in the rain shadow of the Pryor Range.
Please s p r e a d o u t! Not many folks calling me lower in QRG. I'm looking +_ 1 KHz.