Wyoming - Second Moon Pass

As soon as the moon cleared my 3.5 degree mountain range on moon rise at 0640z it was off to the races with European stations. I logged 13 stations in just over two hours of mutual moon. Best effort was working UX0FF during a very short window, now Nikolay only needs Iowa to complete W.A.S.

I saw nobody after the European window so back to bed for a few hours. Back up and calling CQ by 1130z and attracted some folks. It was really nice to work VK5APN easily on the other side of the world.

Stations logged: I2FAK (-20), UX0FF (-26), PA0JMV (-22), OZ1LPR (-19), PE1L (-20), I3MEK (-19), PE1DAB (-20), DL8GP (-24), DK3WG (-21), CT1HZE (-17), IK7EZN (-22), EB5EEO (-21), G4SWX (-18), W8PAT (-25), N7NW (-22), NC2V (-22), N0KE (-24), XE2AT (-26), VK5APN (-19), NT0V (-21), and N0LWF (-22), JP3EXR (-25).


This is dry country, we're in the rain shadow of the Pryor Range.
Please s p r e a d o u t! Not many folks calling me lower in QRG. I'm looking +_ 1 KHz.