KH6/KB7Q 2 Meter EME Session #1

February 11, 2016
I rolled out to the site and got all the gear hooked up with five minutes to spare. Just as expected the ground gain over the Pacific was a great help. It sure slowed down after I started to elevate, but still I logged 20 stations and had five near misses, so a single 12 element Yagi and 800 watts plus lots of patience works ok. I got the impression conditions were fairly soft today too.

Stations worked:
ZS4TX (-23), I2FAK (-20), PA5Y (-21), S52LM (-24), I3MEK (-20), W2HRO (-25 2x Yagi), G4SWX (-19 1X Yagi), K3JYD (-27), W1PV (-26 2x Yagi), KB8RQ (-19), K7MAC (-20), N1DNN (-25), K5DOG (-27), VE1KG (-21), W4YTB (-25), W4RBO (-25), K5LA (-21), ZL1HD (-26), VK5APN (-24), and WA7XX (-26).

Contacts were re-loaded to LoTW with the correct grid square.

Endless salt water horizon.
W1PV was a quick QSO. A great signal from Skip's two Yagi station.
Looking south from the operating QTH.
Sometimes you can go a bit too tropical. Like my sun shade? That's KH6LC's pet.