KH6/KB7Q 2M EME Session #2

February 13, 2016
I shall not be stopped! I went over to the ocean side QTH this morning and found that the house owner left for the day and inadvertently locked me out of access to mains power. I know she sets a house alarm so I was screwed. I pulled everything down, stopped at the hardware store and bought another power cord, and  drove back to our rental QTH and stuck the Yagi back up in time to worked several European stations and more. 18 stations logged.

I3LDP (-24), SM2BYC (-25), SM7GVF (-20), OK1UGA (-25), SM4GGC (-23), SM5DIC (-22), PA3CMC (-19), HB9Q (-19), WA4NJP (-22), DK9ZY (-21), EA2AGZ (-21), N9XG (-20), EA4CYQ (-24), N7NW (-23), EI6GF (-23), N7SC (-26), AH6LE (-26)

Running Total: 38 2M QSOs  8 70 CM QSOs.

New open air shack with Yagi behind.
Not a bad European pile-up for a single Yagi.