KH6/KB7Q 70CM EME Session #1

February 12, 2016
Today was decidedly a mixed bag. I had a nervous 30 minutes trying to get audio to the FT897D and see some power output - I eventually found the setting that needed to be changed and was ready in plenty of time.

 I only managed 8 complete QSOs.Signals were huge on my moon rise with several stations at -13. I was able to give DL7APV his 50th State so he could complete his W.A.S. award. Only 35 years for Bernd to nail it down! DK3WG completed for his State #47. Things went dead and after an hour of trying to defeat Faraday and work K5DOG and N0IRS I packed it in.

I think I'll maximize my 2M effort this weekend and try 70cm later in the month.

DF3RU (-23), DL7APV (-13 State #50), HB9Q (-17), DK3WG (-13 State #47), WA4NJP (-24), N4QH (-21), DL5FN (-18), and G4RGK (-25). Near misses with K5DOG, N0IRS, DL8DAU, OK1KIR.

DL5FN and G4RGK dancing down my screen.
432 MHz setup. 500 watts, FT897D, and 9wl Yagi.