KH6/KB7Q 2M EME Session #3

Once the moon came up cleared a house and a big Norfolk Island Pine we were off to the races. Fifteen stations logged including two 2x Yagi stations - a nice way to finish out the 2M operating. One 70cm session to go and done.

Stations worked:
RZ3BA (-25), ES3RF (-25), SK5AA (-24), OZ1LPR (-26), OH3AAW (-27), OH4LA (-23), DJ2TX (-26), PA3FYC (-20), PA0JMV (-25), W2DBL (-24), DK4RC (-20), OZ4VV (-23), KF8MY (-27), KC3OL (-27 2x Yagi), AE3T (-26 2x Yagi).

53 2 Meter stations worked off the moon, I'd say that's pretty fair for a single 12 element Yagi and 800 watts.
LoTW has all the 2 Meter contacts.

Gratuitous picture of the local scene just a 5 minute walk from the house aka the "ham shack".