We had a windy hour's  ride over from Havre, MT to 12 miles south of Chester, MT on at the Tiber Reservoir. It was windy enough that the truck's 6 speed transmission spent a lot of time in 4th gear - a true Montana breeze. We found our way to the high spot above the dam in the VFW campground and got all set up. I have a great horizon in all directions.

Guess what -  the band opened! A very nice double-hop opening all the way to Maine and points south along the east coast. I worked 53 stations before things petered out. Best DX: K1TOL, K1SIX, N3DB, K3WC, W1IPL, K4QI, VE2DLC, K2ZD and loads of others. I had almost fogotten just how much fun 6 meters can be. The propagation would shift very quickly and some of the stations I worked were here and gone in 15 seconds.

It was great to get some action after one of the slowest weeks in June I've ever seen.

Now that is more like it!