DN57 --> DN58dj

Still no Es, but a great session on meteors this morning before we broke DN57 camp. WA5TKU, W5KI, KE7NR, K7ULS, N0LWF, N7EA, KO9A, and VA7SW worked.

Packing up now to head toward Havre, MT. 

R26 tone from WA5TKU, Texas 1141 miles.

R26 tone from KO9A, Illinois 1105 miles, Jim was running 100 watts.                                     Hint: Just past 15 second hash marks! Burst is from another caller.
Arrived just south of Havre, MT mid-afternoon at Hill County Park, we have the whole west side of Beaver Creek Reservoir to ourselves. We stopped for a nice lunch in Chinook, MT. Windy, but station is all set up and ready. Es anyone? Anyone?

DN58dj, south of Havre, MT - Big Sky Country!