DN56 - Day 2

I had a good session on meteor scatter this morning. Eight stations worked as far east as IL and south to AZ: KB7ME, KS7S, W7ID, KB5HMU, K9MU, KC0HLN, K9CT, and ND0B.

I tore into the amp last night and found the low power side contacts on the open frame T/R relay to need some TLC. I guess even a 35 year old relay needs occasional service. The amp was back to its usual stable self this morning. The amp is a homebrew 3CPX800a7 I stuffed into an old Dentron case - only the power transformer, power switch, and T/R relay are orginal.

I still want an Elecraft KPA500!
We'll see what treats are in store for this afternoon. Drat - not a peep all the rest of the day!

Here's another view of our camping area. At least it was a great day.