DN56 --> DN57

I worked K7MAC, KB7ME, N7NW, and N0LWF on morning meteor scatter using FSK441 to finish up the DN56 stay. Then an easy 55 mile  ride up to Lewistown, MT and DN57gb. Quiet right now, but I'm all set up and ready to go. We're off grid in the Kiwanis Club rest area/park, so the generator is ready to run the amp.

The antenna on these trips is an M2 6M5XHP shortened to 4 elements. Director 3 is removed along with that boom section, director 2 is then moved 16 inches closer to the driven element - it rides on a new stub boom piece. This makes for a decent Yagi that is quite a bit easier to transport almost assembled, less of problem in crowded RV parks, and easy to man-handle into position even in wind. The mast is 3 six foot sections of aluminum cement float extension handles. SWR is excellent, as is F/B.

 Here are a few pictures Joyce took while I set the Yagi up here on the western edge of Lewistown.

Assembled boom and elements ride on the RV's ladder. Coax stays attached.

About 5 minutes and a 3/8" nut driver to assemble things.

Quick mount place secures the boom to the mast.

The antenna is light enough to man-handle into position. Note "rotator" line.