It was a slow day here in camp so I decided to try the newest meteor scatter program/mode PSK2K. Why not? It's free and there is enough support now to ensure a good chance of success. After reading the installation instructions several times, and following them carefully, going slowly step-by-step to create the folders and move the files around as specified  the program almost worked. It took a few more tests to get the sound card built into my microHam USBIII interface to output PSK2K audio to the rig - WIN7 is all fun and games when it comes to audio handling! Anyhow I was all set by late afternoon.

K7IP and K7EK served as my guinea pigs while I floundered thru a couple of contacts with them. My first impressions are a) my HP 1.6 GHz 3 GB RAM laptop computer is barely adequate to keep up with the hefty processing that happens on a meteor burst b) it really does work well and is worth the time spent exploring, especially if it delivers -8 SNR decoding ability. c) Just like WSJT re-reading the users guide really helps after you have used the program a bit. The buttons and program flow start to make sense d) things are much more automated then FSK441 and you don't get to see much of "what is behind the curtain".

The installation of the program is clearly the hardest part, but if you know WSJT-FSK441 you'll get the idea of how the program functions after a few contacts. 

My second contact using PSK2K.

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