DN46 to DN47fp

Finished up DN46 with a nice run of FSK441 meteor scatter contacts on 2 meters this morning. Stations worked: W9RM, KC6ZWT, WA7HQD, K7MAC, KE7NR, KS7S, AA7A, K6EME, and W0VB.

Yesterday's problem is fixed - I even copied CX2SC off a rising moon yesterday evening on JT65b. Wowser!

On to DN47fp - It was about a 150 mile drive today up thru the mountains above Helena, MT, past Great Fall, down six miles of gravel road, and past a loaded missle silo and we're here. Here is Matt, K7BG's barn yard - I even found an a/c power outlet in the shed so we're all fat and sassy with some weather coming in. We're perched up on the high plains so it should be a great location. Just no propagation right now.
On the high plains of Montana, but you can see the Rockies 50 miles to the west - It is going to get stormy.