DN65 a big 2 Meter morning

Just off Route 212 on my high perch at sunrise. A fantastic horizon in all quadrants.
A very nice 2 meter meteor scatter session this morning. I packed the truck the night before and left for this spot before sunrise. I was all set up and ready to go by 5:45 AM local. Logged were W8BYA (IN), WQ5S (TX), ND0B (ND), K5WE (OK), K7ND (WA), AA5AM (TX), NQ7R (AZ), WB0ULX (SD), KR7O (CA), KU7Z (UT), and N0KE (CO). As it was a travel day I had to stop with stations still to work.A fine morning's work  for 200 watts, 9 element Yagi, K3 and a generator.

The hills behind the truck are part of the Little Big Horn Battlefield, troops under Reno and Benteen fought there way up and managed to hold off the Cheyenne and Sioux warriors. Custer? Not so much - Last Stand Hill is about 2 miles to the right.

Windy and rainy most of the way up to Miles City (DN76ck). Nap time for me!

If I leave the part of the 5th wheel hitch off then I can bolt the base of the mast in..