DN48kh to DN46fj travel day

Up early to run 2M meteor scatter skeds with N7NW, W7MEM, K6EME, K7ND, and NQ7R. It was blustery enough to have to tie the antenna down at each new azimuth position. We just beat the rain packing up and the 11 miles of dirt road out to the hardtop held up fine. No Montana gumbo-mud for us!

Fred, KE7X put me onto the PJclient program that enhances the Ping Jockey web site - what a neat piece of software, it will sure help me stay organized, and on top of things.

235 miles south and we're now back in DM46 on the way into Bozeman to get ready for my part in the W1AW/7 operation. We're going up to a cabin just north of Yellowstone Park for that. I'll be mostly HF CW and RTTY.

Tonight during the contest I worked a bunch of stations on 6M out of 5-land.

Tomorrow on into Bozeman and we'll give VHF a rest for a week or so. All QSOs this week should be up on LoTW and I'll grab my mail and answer QSL card requests too.