DN48kh (Tiber Reservoir) in the rain

We have Internet, but with the heavy rain at times it was spotty as the extra absorption took out the signal; I ended up putting the Mi-Fi card up on the roof of the trailer under a radome (my wife's plastic bowl). Nothing like having to DX the cell tower to get to Ping Jockey.

I worked 13 stations in this morning's session - a credit to the discipline of folks on the list and being right there when their turn came. Thanks!

A great morning for meteor scatter from this very quiet location. 6 Meter Contacts: N8JX, KE7X, KE7NR, KD7DCR, K7ULS. 2 Meter contacts: W9JN, N0KE, KE7NR, KR7O, KC6ZWT, AA7A, KF7CQ, and K7ULS.

Es was slow last evening just three or four logged on 6M, K5YAA was best DX. Mid-day today is very good into CA and AZ single hop, I'm just running 100 watts to save some gasoline and logging a bunch. Raining again, and thunder-boomers all around.
DN48 is Big Sky country.
The list/log sounds orderly, but here's the real deal. Thankful for LoTW.

The one that got away! K6EME had terrible local noise, but I was sure getting him on 2 meters.