DN65 Garryowen, Montana

Looking west over the top of the trailer.
 Nice day after nasty weather yesterday.
Fairly tight quarters here in the RV Park.
Six meter Es was non-existant yesterday so down with the 6M Yagi and up with the 2M version at sunset. 2M meteor scatter yielded KB7ME, KC6ZWT, AA7A, W7MEM, K7MAC, KS7S, WA7HQD, W9JN, and KE7NR. Six meter scatter added KD7DCR, N7EA, and N0LWF.

Off to see the Custer Battlefield for a bit, then back to see if 6M wants to open up.

Nice 6M opening after dinner, 50 stations worked.

Tomorrow on to DN76 at Mile City.