DN76 - Making a mountain out of a mole hill, then DN78

DN76ck - No horizon from 100 to 175 degrees azimuth - I sure know how to pick 'em.

Good 2M session again last night from DN76, Mile City. K0KUK, K7MAC, W7MEM, and N7NW logged. This morning we managed KB7ME, KF7CQ, N0KE, NQ7R, KC6ZWT, KR7O, KS7S, and ND0B again on 2 meters before we had to scoot. Lots of wind so no way to put both Yagis up at the same time without disaster.

I did have the 6M Yagi up for a bit and worked five stations.

In spite of my location, KS7S came blasting in from Arizona. Nothing like a 12 db burn to move things along.
 It was about a 225 mile travel day northward to Scobey, MT on the Canadian border. We're here in DN78gt camped right in the middle of town, but not too much line noise and fairly good horizons in all directions, those grain silos are out to the northeast and VE4-land.

The wind died! Both Yagis are up and I'm ready for a beer. The bar is just 50 yards away. Bonus!