DN25/35 Sula Peak

The view from Sula Peak looking at the Bitterroot Range. DN25/35
This morning I rolled out of Missoula early and beat-feet 90 miles down the Bitterroot Valley to Sula Peak, 6175' MSL. As promised I was QRV 2 meters by 12:30z. This was a double-gird as the parking area just in front of the fire lookout sits on the DN25/DN35 line. AA7A, KS7S, W7MEM, KC6ZWT, WA7HQD, K6EME, KR7O, and N0KE were worked fairly easily.

Now that the TE amp is working well it draws 28 amps, it tripped the thermal breaker on my Astron switching supply at one point. I need to re-connect a jumper inside that I installed to make the fan run all the time. I used a separate supply to power the K3. The four inch fan I have on the fins of the amp does a great job keeping things from going past slightly warm to the touch.

As I left a storm was rolling in. Good timing I'd say.