DN45ts - Sheep Mountain, MT

Later then I had hoped, that's the 2m beam still on the ground. Looking east of course, Indiana is out there somewhere.

Crazy Mountains to the north, I counted nine mountain ranges.

Not much room to turn the truck around - Yellowstone River glinting on the right.
Enough to say W8BYA has a great signal, even 1308 miles out. I was still setting levels.
An interesting morning - I used Google Earth to find my way to the top of Sheep Mountain in the dark. The trail I took up was more of a cow path then a county right of way, 4x4 prevailed. On the way down I missed the turn and drove down the very nice access road use by commercial users of the site on around the other side of the mountain to within 50 feet of a county road - oops a locked gate blocked the way. I back tracked 4 miles and finally found my way out. I need to bring a bag of bread crumbs next time.

Anyhow it was a fun morning and a spectacular sunrise. 2 Meter stations worked: W8BYA (1308 miles), W9JN (1010 miles), WA7HQD, KF7CQ, KS7S (982 miles), K6EME, N6ENU, and N7EA.