DN46fj - Canyon Ferry Lake

We're on our way to the RV dealership in Helena to get some work done on the trailer. So we overnighted on the shores of Canyon Ferry Reservior. The Perseids made 2M operation go quite well. KB7ME, ND0B, KA9CFD (1165 miles), K0SIX, N0LWF, WB0ULX, and W9JN (1062 miles) were logged.

No pictures! There is so much forest fire smoke there is literally nothing to see, the mountains just across the lake even disappeared, but not before I noted the azimuth of the notch to shoot thru for eastern contacts. The compass built into my hand-held GPS is one of the most important tools on these outings. The meteors were quite good both last night and this morning - I had to quit early so I could get to the repair shop on time.