DN54fw - Beartooth Plateau, Wyoming - A great outing

I worked 11 stations last night on 2M: W7MEM, K6EME, NQ7R, WQ5S, W9JN, WB0ULX, N6ENU, W8BYA, AA7A, K7MAC, and WA7GSK. There were some monster blasts that made me turn the AGC back on in the K3 to keep from killing the speaker. This is a dandy location - a negative horizon in most directions and so quiet.

Tonight I'll go back up for a short session i.e. 8/13 0330z to 0700z, and call CQ on 144.144 MHz anytime I'm between skeds.

Pointed south toward AA7A at sunrise. Lots of rolled over rocks from bears hunting for grubs, so refueling the generator at 3 AM was a "keep looking around" job.

Pilot and Index Peaks out toward K7MAC's way, and Beartooth Butte catching the morning sun to the northwest.