DN54fw - redux and EME #2

I ran back up to DN54 on te Beartooth Plateau last evening for several hours. I had a few sprinkles and some lightning setting up, but then it cleared off nicely. I was able to add ND0B, W7XU, KF7CQ, WA5TKU, KS7S, and N0LWF to the 2M meteor scatter log.

During a lull in my skeds the rising moon was just too tempting a target - so I dipped down to 144.140 MHz aimed at the moon as it was 10 degrees above the horizon and immediately heard a JT65b signal in the speaker. I figured it was someone fairly neary by doing EME. When it decoded it turned out to be I2FAK with a huge moonbounce signal. Realize I'm just using a 9 element Yagi, 200 watts, 50 feet of LMR400, and the just the pre-amp in the TE brick when you look at this:

Mama Mia! Nothing like a random 2 meter EME contact to finish off the DN54 visit.