DN54fw - The Perseids Plan

Ah, DN54fw -- we stopped by on the way to the motel to check out the very best place to set up.

I'll be QRV from 11,000 feet on the Beartooth Plateau in Wyoming from 0600z to 1300z August 12 and again on August 13. No Internet up there, so contact me for a sked time slot if you like. I'll post my skeds here when I get a few more lined up.

Random Operation - I'll call "CQ U 4" on 144.140 MHz meaning I expect to hear you on 144.144 MHz. When I do I'll start calling you there so we can move off the calling frequency quickly. If I sense company on 144.144 MHz I'll not use ST, rather your suffix and R26, RRR, and 73.

I'll have Internet back at the motel in Red Lodge, MT and be up on Ping Jockey.