DO53td - The Battlefords Provincial Park, SK

Putting things together. I fixed the coax routing on the 6M beam right after this picture.

This particular campsite has almost all the attributes of a great VHF site: a/c power, on a hill top with a  good horizon including a big lake to the south, no neighbors from southeast to southwest, on the outside of the loop, and NO mosquitoes. Did I mention no mosquitoes?! It is missing a key ingredient -  6M Es propagation right now - I'm scanning away waiting.

Nice sustained 6M opening late afternoon/evening. I worked 121 stations - best DX XE2S (MX), AC4TO (FL), and K1TOL (ME). LoTW has been fed.

I'm QRV 6&2 meters and meteor scatter will work too. One night here and on we roll farther south to DO60 I think.