DN76cj Miles City, MT and R&R in Bozeman

We tried a different RV Park in Miles City this time and had a better horizon in most directions. I completed 6M meteor scatter contacts with W7KNT, N0LWF, W7MEM, and K7MAC. On 2M I worked W8BYA, WB0ULX, ND0B, WA7HQD, W9NHE, AI5I, K7ND, and K7MAC. I even had a brief double-hop 6M Es opening and worked 8 folks.

Time to leave eastern Montana, it is going to get hot out here, 95+ degrees temperatures are in the weekend forecast.

The TE Systems 2M amp is fixed.  It was the crappy factory solder job on the SO239 output connector - I'm glad I was able to trouble-shoot it in the field and had brought my soldering station along.

We're back in Bozeman for a few days, then off to Missoula to put the W7GJ home station on the air via EME to try and work Lance and Bob out on the KH8-dxpedition on both 6 and 2 meters. Lance kindly left me a 30 page manual on how to run his station. That's "run", NOT "ruin". LOL.

I'm thinking I'm going to just take the 2M gear with me to western Montana and do a more casual grid operation from there.

LoTW has been updated, and I did all the paper QSL card requests I found in our stack of mail last night, they'll go out today.

A big thanks to Mac, K7MAC for getting me to take 2M gear along - the 2M meteor scatter contacts were a whole bunch of fun, especially when I'd go out and find a really good high spot with the truck. Working W5UN on moonbounce was frosting on the cake.

Here's a visual summary of the trip so far: