DN68fl - Nelson Reservoir. MT and EME contact #1

I was ready for W5UN on my moon rise. Haven't made a 2M EME QSO in over 25 years.JT65b rocks.
The last 50 miles to the border was a narrow, rutted road so we chugged along at 35 mph when we could. Got set up here on the reservoir and worked 6M meteor scatter K7MAC, NS7K, and W7KNT. W7MEM logged on 2M. No Es at all.

Working W5UN on EME was a hoot; not bad for 200 watts on the wrong end of 50 feet of coax and a 9 element Yagi. I can hear Dave in the speaker as I type this.

Up at dawn the next morning and lots of 2M MS action: WB0ULX, K0RI, AA7A, WA7HQD, KU7Z, K7MAC, NQ7R. Slipped over to 6M and worked W9RM.